Jacob Askeroth

Jacob Askeroth

A few words about Jacob:

Jacob is an LDS artist inspired by stained glass windows and Christian art. Through his passion for painting and woodworking, Jacob captures vibrant hues and intricate details, often depicting scenes from scriptures. Infusing his creations with a sense of reverence and awe, Jacob invites viewers to contemplate the intersection of beauty and spirituality. With a keen focus on conveying the depth of religious emotions, his artwork leaves a profound impact on all who encounter it, offering a glimpse into the timeless stories and teachings of faith.

Jacob currently lives in West Lafayette, Indiana, with his wife and four children, who all love creating art every day.

Jacob also enjoys creating original pieces of unique features of temples, such as replicas of stained-glass windows and other decorative designs that all add to the beauty and serenity of these sacred buildings. He does these either painted on canvas or cut and carved in wood. If you would be interested in having a reminder of a temple that holds personal meaning to you or a loved one, feel free to contact us so that we can put you in touch with Jacob. Prices for commissioned originals will vary based on materials, time, and scope; an estimate will be provided following a consultation between the customer and the artist. For examples, take a look at the gallery farther down on this page below his other artwork featured on this website.

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Temple Window Paintings & Wood Carvings