3 Tips for Decorating Your LDS Home

3 Tips for Decorating Your LDS Home

Feature image by Brent Borup can be found here: Jesus Christ – Come Follow Me

Everyone loves spring! For many, it’s the best time of the year. A time of new life and renewal. It’s also a good reminder that we all need to evaluate and refresh our lives on a regular basis. This includes your home! So here are a few ways in which we can bring new life and hope to our homes and into our daily lives. After all – we spend so much time in our home every single day!

Inspire Your Family

A home is a place of love. A place for your family. A place where you spend so much time. So it should also remind us of why we are here on earth and who we are. The 13th Article of Faith says “If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.” But why? Because everything that is good is a gift from our Father in Heaven. And we should strive to surround ourselves daily with all that is good and righteous.

There are many ways to bring good things into our home and display them wherever we can. A beautiful painting of Jesus Christ is one of the best things to start with. Add to that a lovely temple picture or inspirational wall art. It’s easy to make a wonderful display that you will see every day to remind us of our heavenly home and who we are or who we should strive to become. What better way to remind us of our heavenly goals than to fill our homes with decor that inspires us and reflects the many gifts that we have from “above.”

Salt Lake Temple Historical Painting by Dustin Lyon

Let the Light In

Regardless of your faith or religion, using light appropriately is one of the most important aspects of decorating a home. But “decorating” with light takes on even more meaning with our knowledge of the gospel of Christ. In any home, careful use of natural light and beautiful light fixtures is greatly appreciated, but it’s eternally important that we also bring the light of Christ into our homes.

Thankfully, we’ve been given some excellent instructions on how to decorate our home! In D&C 109, it says that we should “establish a house, even a house of prayer… a house of faith… a house of God.” We must create a home where light is not only welcomed in but also allowed to grow and enlighten. May we all take a little more time to refine and simplify our décor so that we can focus more on what is truly important.

I Am A Child Of God Word Art by Alyssa Petersen

Share the Love

As every member of the Church knows, we are all encouraged to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others whenever we can. Part of this can be as simple as bringing life and joy into our homes and allowing others to see it. Such small things in our home send a clear message about who we are and what we believe. Peaceful and inspiring décor allows others to see how living according to the teachings of Christ affects our family and brings joy into our lives. Even subtle messages, like an inspirational quote or artwork, may lead to a gospel conversation with friends or family, allowing us to share our love for them and our belief in our Savior.

As you look for ways to bring new life and joy into your home this spring, remember to keep it simple – realize that what makes a house a home is the family who lives there and the joy you get from each other and from our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

3 Tips for Decorating Your LDS Home | Spring is a time of new life and renewal. A time to evaluate and refresh our lives and homes. Here are a few ways to bring new life & hope into our lives.