6 Pictures of Christ that are Perfect for Easter

6 Pictures of Christ that are Perfect for Easter

Every year we celebrate the special Easter holiday – a time to renew the search for Christ in our lives. It’s a time that revolves around Christ, yet hasn’t been completely taken over by the commercial aspects. It’s the perfect time to reflect upon His resurrection and His life.

So in celebration of Easter, we thought we’d share 5 depictions of Christ, just in case you wanted to have a new and special reminder of His love and spirit within the walls of your home. The first five of these inspirational paintings were created by the talented Brent Borup. Along with each piece, he also briefly shares a part of his testimony with you.

1. Jesus Christ – Light of the World

Throughout his whole life, there was one painting that Brent wanted to create more than anything else, and that was a perfect (in his eyes) portrait of Jesus Christ. Over the years, he had worked on many different portraits of Christ, but until he painted “Light of the World” he was just never quite satisfied with them. But on the day that he began work on this painting, Brent firmly believes that he had some divine help, because it turned out that this was one of the easiest pieces that he had ever painted. He feels that this painting stands out more than any of his previous work for one reason – he wasn’t trying to paint what Christ looks like. He was trying to paint what He feels like. While Brent had never seen Him, he had definitely felt Him. And Brent believes that you can’t go wrong with a work of art if you’re able to somehow capture that feeling into it. This work is Brent’s way of sharing his testimony of Christ with others.

2. Jesus Christ – Resurrection and the Life

One of the most important events in all of history is the Resurrection of our Savior; the reason we celebrate Easter. When painting this portrait, Brent wanted the viewer to understand and know that Christ is not just a man from ancient stories – He actually does exist; and he lives. Christ has truly overcome all things and has risen from the grave.

3. Jesus Christ – Come Follow Me

Within the strokes of this painting, Christ takes a brief pause along His journey to look back at us, His hand outstretched with the invitation “Come, Follow Me”. Notice that He is leaving the dark and dreary wilderness and entering a meadow full of light. The lives of each one of us can be full of light if we choose to follow Him.

4. Jesus Christ – On the Shores of Galilee

Here Christ is shown sitting near the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Pondering. Brent knows that Christ loved other people, and likes to think that he was very social. But He surely also preferred to be alone at times, so He could feel close to His Father, with only His own thoughts, pondering…

5. Jesus Christ – Vigilant Shepherd

For this painting, Brent wanted to portray Christ at night. To symbolically show that He is there even in the dark times in our lives, ever watching over His flock. Christ truly does understand us and He never turns His back on us, even when we turn our backs on Him. He is always there for us, and our Father in Heaven wants us to always look to Him and be blessed, especially in the dark times of our lives. Look to Him.

5 Pictures of Christ that are Perfect for Easter