5 Ways to Invite The Spirit Into Your Home

5 Ways to Invite The Spirit Into Your Home

Have you ever walked into the home of another member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and felt almost a subtle “aura” when you walk in? You can’t really explain what it is, but you definitely notice it. It’s a feeling that any member of the church wants in their own home, but it’s not always easy to achieve. So how can you invite the Spirit into your home, and what can you do to keep it there? We’ve come up with a few ideas for you. Obviously there are plenty of other things that you could also do, but these should give you a good start!

1. Keep it clean and organized

This can be one of the biggest challenges in any home, and it’s even more difficult if you have young children running around the house all the time. But keeping your home clean, with a sense of order and organization, can really help your mind and spirit feel at ease and a sense of peace. And over time, despite little messes, a few dirty dishes, and the stains on the carpet, you’ll come to know that your home can welcome the Spirit.

2. Place art around the home that invites the Spirit

Art is a wonderful thing, especially inspirational art. Place meaningful and gospel-related are in every room of your house. That way, wherever you go, you will see the art and it will be a subtle reminder of the feeling you’re trying to create in your home. Whether it’s LDS temple art, paintings of Christ, or other LDS art, it is a wonderful and aesthetically pleasing way to welcome the Spirit into your life and your home.

Picture of an LDS family praying together

3. Study the gospel regularly and pray often

There is a reason we feel the Spirit so often at church – because we’re surrounded by the gospel and prayer. Our mind is constantly turned towards the teachings of Christ. But it’s also possible to feel the same at home by regularly studying the gospel and praying whenever you can. Study the scriptures as a family. Have family home evening every week. And pray every morning, every night, and at every meal. Then your mind will start to associate your home with the gospel.

4. Dedicate your home

Since the most important work we do is done at home, it seems appropriate for a father to invoke a blessing on the home. Ask for the blessings of heaven to be let out upon on our home and on all that pertains to it and those who dwell within it.

5. Love each other and avoid contention

This is probably the most important thing on this list. Create an atmosphere of love, kindness and peace in your home. Respect each other. Always say nice things. And avoid contention as much as possible. Raise your children to do the same, both when they’re young and when they’re older. Much of what you feel inside your home is simply the atmosphere created by the relationships of those inside.

In the end, even if you’re trying hard to do the things we mentioned above, you’ll probably still feel like you’re doing everything you can, but the Joneses are doing better than you. We assure you – they are not, and you’re doing just fine! Just don’t give up!

5 Ways to Invite The Spirit Into Your Home | Every member of the LDS church wants to have the Spirit in their home, but it’s not always easy to achieve. So we’ve come up with a few ideas to start with.