6 Great and Unique LDS Missionary Gifts

6 Great and Unique LDS Missionary Gifts

Now that school is out for the year, many of you mothers and fathers might be finding yourself sending your son or daughter into the field to become an LDS missionary and serve the Lord for a year and a half or two years. While you may not be able to accompany them yourself (as much as you would like to!) you can still send them with a gift or get yourself something to help count the time until they return home.

So we’ve put together a few items that would make perfect gifts for your missionary or for your home while your missionary is gone. These are just a few of the wide variety of gifts that we have, so please be sure to take a look at our pictures of Christ, LDS temple paintings, inspirational illustrations, LDS decor, jewelry, and mission maps! You’ll definitely find something that’s perfect for your missionary or you and your family.

1. Paintings of the life of Christ

Christ’s life was an incredible example to us. He served others with unending love and kindness. And we can learn so much from Him and his example. Carl Bloch painted wonderful depictions of special moments in Jesus Christ’s life, and most often He is shown serving and loving others, just like a missionary does on a mission. These are some of our favorite missionary gifts!

Jesus Christ Light of the World Painting by Brent Borup

2. Paintings of Jesus Christ

There are few pieces of art that will invite the Spirit into your home or the living space of a missionary more than a beautiful portrait of Jesus Christ. He can always be present to remind us of the kind of life we should live and what we should be teaching others. These paintings of Jesus Christ are perfect for any missionary to take into the field.

3. LDS Temple Paintings

These temple paintings are great for missionaries who want to take a piece “their” temple with them on their mission. Or, if their mission has a temple, these are great pieces to hang in their living space. And if you’re looking for an actual photograph of any LDS temple in the United States, you may also want to take a look at our partner site LDS Temple Pictures.


4. Unique Temple Art

We also have a wonderful and unique collection of other LDS temple art, from silhouettes and wood cutouts to historical temple elevation drawings and beautiful foil art. There’s a little something for everyone here!


5. Beautiful LDS Scripture Bags & Totes

While we don’t have any scripture cases for Elders yet, these scripture totes from Carolyn Fulton are absolutely perfect for any sister missionary.


5. LDS Jewelry

Every sister missionary would love something like this on her mission. Bonnie Vance and Tausha Coates have created a number of stunning LDS-themed necklaces and bracelets that are wonderful for every sister in the field.

6. Missionary Maps and Mission Countdown Posters

And last but not least, if you’re sending or have already sent a missionary into the field, these missionary maps and countdown posters are exactly what you need! They’ll help you keep track of your missionary’s locations or count down the days until he or she comes home – something that every missionary mother needs!

6 Great and Unique LDS Missionary Gifts | We've put together a few items make perfect gifts for your missionary or for your home while your missionary is gone. From LDS paintings to LDS mission maps.