Church Releases New “Prince of Peace” Easter Video

Church Releases New “Prince of Peace” Easter Video

The Church just released a new Easter video entitled “Prince of Peace”, which will help Christians around the world celebrate the life, love, and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.

He was a Prince, yet he had no armies; led no nations; ruled over no one. But He offers peace to all who follow him. He can heal those who come unto Him. He died so that we can live again. He truly is the Prince of Peace.

The new video was released just in time for you and your family to watch before or in between sessions of General Conference this weekend.

The video is available in 33 languages on And to go along with this beautiful and inspiring video, during the week leading up to Easter, the Church is also releasing eight short videos that include related teaching ideas, references, and memes. These companion videos will be focused on stories from the lives of individual Church members and how they have exemplified the eight principles of peace: faith, God’s word, compassion, gratitude, prayer, forgiveness, repentance, and hope.

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