Jesus Christ – Prince Of Peace – Painting

A fine art painting of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. Painting by Brent Borup. Many sizes available framed or as a single print.

Jesus Christ – Prince Of Peace – Painting Print
Artist: Brent Borup Item ID: JC0402

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Additional Product Information

Jesus Christ – Prince Of Peace – Painting Mockup

In this painting, Jesus Christ stands majestically on the threshold of the middle court of the temple in His time. This location was chosen for this painting because the steps that Christ is standing on are within the court of the Gentiles, where all are welcome to enter. Brent couldn’t think of a better place for the Prince of Peace to be seen than by those who are seeking peace. Christ wears a purple sash (a color associated with royalty), a gray garment (symbolizing the modesty and poverty of many He associated himself with), and a white robe (symbolizing the purity and cleanliness found in the temple). A white dove looks up at Him from the ground, while He holds an olive branch – a symbol of peace. Jesus Christ truly is the Prince of Peace, and by living and sharing His gospel, we can show everyone the pathway to His peace and blessings.