The Gentle Christ – Painting by Del Parson

A kind and gentle portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ. Painting by Del Parson.

The Gentle Christ – Painting by Del Parson Print
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The Gentle Christ – Painting by Del Parson Mockup

In 1999, Del Parson and his family stopped by Elder David B. Haight’s office to deliver a gift. During their visit, Elder Haight said that he had always liked the painting The Lord Jesus Christ that Del had created for the Church many years earlier. Elder Haight in turn requested that Del paint a new version of that painting, only this time with a kinder, gentler feel. Even though he started working on the painting shortly after that meeting, it took Del nearly three years before he was satisfied with how it looked – he wanted it to look just right.

Once the painting was finished, he sent a copy of the new painting to Elder Haight, and in turn got a letter back from him stating that it was just what he had in mind when he originally asked him to paint it. In the letter, he said, “It portrays the Savior as I visualize – warm, friendly, kind, and with love and compassion. This portrayal of the Savior is your best yet, in my humble opinion.” The title given to the new painting was taken from the original challenge from Elder Haight – The Gentle Christ.